Insight needed - Working in Ebene - Where to rent etc?

Hi All

I recently got an opportunity to work with one of the corporate giants based in Ebene, Mauritius. I would like to know the below info

1. Would I be able to get a decent flat near Ebene and how much would that cost me approximately?
2. How good is the Transportation, Cost of living expenses, Shopping options, etc in Mauritius?
3. Will 30,000/- MUR a month be sufficient for a bachelor to lead a good life in Mauritius?

Please provide me with some insights. Thanks in advance.


Hello Sandy and welcome on board :cheers:

To have an idea of the rental prices practiced in Mauritius, you could check out our following section of the site : Flats for rent in Mauritius

Rental prices around Ebene tend to be as from Rs 15000 and way above.  Many who wish to be close to their work in Ebene choose either Quatre Bornes, Rose Hill, Moka region to rent as you may find more affordable rental prices. Some who wish to be close to the beach also choose Flic en Flac, Albion region, but its like one hour ride  for work in the morning due to traffic jam.

Concerning Transport, you will find that the Bus is the main transport here and delivers very well around Mauritius. You could check out this website Mauritius Buses to get to know more about bus transportation in Mauritius.

You can also find car rentals as from Rs 15 000 per month or around Rs 1500 for a weekend.

You may want to check out this following section of our forum to get an idea of the Cost of Living in Mauritius

To have an idea of things you could do around : Leisure and things to do in Mauritius

For a bachelor, depending on your way of living, Rs 30 000 tend to be good if you find a shared accommodation. Do not expect much savings though! You will find more information about living expenses in the cost of living section I shared above.

You will love the Island like everyone do! :)

All the best


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