D Visa to entry Norway while waiting for Fiance visa to be approved.

HI guys,

I'm Thai citizen but working in Manila, the Philippines and holding working permit here.   

I have just submitted my fiance visa application on 20th September 2016 . I know it needs to wait for a long time. They said 2-11 months. However, after been reading some topics here regarding this fiance visa. It got me worried.

My fiance is a Norwegian citizen . We lived together here in Manila for 1.5 years . till we decided to getting married. and she (my fiance) went back to Norway on May 2016

However, since the waiting time it would be quite long. and as i read there is "D Visa" thing that i can apply to enter Norway and waiting the result of my application.

Could you guide me how to apply for this D visa please?

Thank you :)


D visa you can apply once you recieve ur answer.visit udi website nd check there on section already applied and check about d visa

Oh really? I went to the page u suggested.

It said spouse of Norwegian citizen.

But Since I haven't got any answer from UDI and we are not yet registered partner. I still can apply this ?

I dont think so.but u can check with others if thers an option.normally ppl wait until they get answer to visit

You may apply when you are in Norway. Go with your fiancée, of course, that would be a lot of help. Your fiancée have to be really active to be in contact with UDI. If you are thinking of traveling around of out of Europe when you get to Norway, then apply few days before your visa is expired as you might not allowed to go out of country after the application is received by UDI.

Thanks for all answer. they are helpful information.

However as i checked  the qualification of applicants inorder to apply D visa. I'm not qualified.

But yeah. I've got email from UDI after 1 week applying saying that my case has forwarded to UDI for processing.

Hope it will be not that long and good news


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