Go back to India- They are forcing and blackmailing me to work here

Respected sir as iam from Bangalore my name is Imran Ahmed iam a married man having two childrens and dad mom with me as I have come muscat for the job its already 6days

i have thought i can make it but its not possible to stay me here and I have to join the job by Sunday they forced me by blackmailing that u will sent to jail and pay money 1,5000rs and signed some company formalities with me but I want to go back to India 

I have requested for the company they asked me to pay 800ro and u will be sent to the jail then u can make ticket and go to home or else do the job here

they r forcing me to stay here pls help help help help me in this its my humble request

Brother, report to ROP or immigration department. No company can force employees to work if he / she doesn't want to.

But they have got signed me the documents with me and telling to pay 800riyal if I want to go and blackmailing me

But he is scolding me and telling me that he will pit me in the jail they have made my bataca card also but they kept my passport and not giving me doing force for me

Bro but they have kept my passport and telling me to pay 800ro and then go jail then go home should I go directly or what can u call me xxx

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have you tried to post your petition on the online portal? even try your case at Indian embassy as well and try to tell them what you are going through. they also can help you filling up the complain with ministry of labour. and as per rule once you file the complain you employer has to answer before the ministry.

one more way is to search for some NGO who are working for employee benefits.. if i can get some no. i will post it to you..

I have visited embassy but no solution they told me to work till one month but still iam jobless and no food no money that's I got one labourer he asked about me and daily giving me one time food at his room and paying taxi fair to go my room pls help what to do

I don't now how to do that they forced me again to give in written if u go to India u will make air ticket and something happens to my life I will be responsible and till they bring a guy from India I should do work here they forced me and signed and taken by written in paper but till now no job no food no money

try to go to ROP and take somebody who understands your case and can speak arabic. ask police for help as you are forced without food or shelter.

Hi imran2525,

You case is very, very strange indeed. And, I am not able to put my finger on where exactly lies the problem. All I know for sure is that something is seriously amiss. But I do not want to jump to conclusions, in blaming anyone.

Now, the Indian Embassy cannot and will not turn its back on an expatriate Indian who is in trouble. One of the main duties of the embassy is to assist its citizens with all possible help. In such cases, they will also put you up in their dormitory and will provide you with a safe place to stay and 3 meals a day, until you are repatriated.

You say you are in trouble and you have gone to the Indian embassy seeking their help. And you were turned back ? Strange. I would even say, impossible.

There is also a mobile app for helping Indian expatriates who are in trouble, called 'MigCall' - The mobile app ‘MigCall’, based on the Android OS platform with a file size of 2.8 MB, is available at Google Playstore in various Indian languages, such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali and English.

Download and use it, if possible. Read the full story here … ed-in-Oman

As arharsh46 has suggested, you can also go to the ROP and the Ministry of Manpower as well. They will all help and assist any expatriate who is being held forcibly and is being ill-treated.

Last week hr agreed to send me again now on Sunday he told me that if I pay 50riyals and do the ticket I can go this week but I don't have money to pay him as my family taken help from local politician he agreed to make my ticket and fifty riyals I have to pay I don't have that I requested him he is telling or u work here but I don't want to work with this company he is asking fifty riyals of accommodation and paper works like bataka etc.

great to know that you are going back home and that is the most important thing.  monitory issues are secondary. i am sure you will soon be able to repay the good politician who is ready to lend you money.

If I tell my home the date of ticket he will book but how should I pay 50riyals thats the matter

Would you mind telling what job exactly you were hired for  ?  It took me quite some time to understand what you were actually trying to say.

I came for laptop sales as I came no job from 8days manager use to scold me if I ask him money for food till now no food I don't like like to work with that company so I want to go back home

imran2525 :

I came for laptop sales as I came no job from 8days manager use to scold me if I ask him money for food till now no food I don't like like to work with that company so I want to go back home

Take it as an experience for future and do not just blindly accept any offer from middle east in your next phase. Ideally, you should have reported the case to the ROP but I have no idea if you had a proper job contract / offer conditions. If you just had arrived in Oman based on few conversations with the employer then it was your certain mistake.
Always remember that a JOB CONTRACT is as important as the visa. It defines the limitations between employee and an employer and can always be used as a legal document if any argument occurs between both parties. It doesn't matter whether your job is with a big company or a small shop.

Best o Luck for ya future. !!!

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