Family moving over to Kuwait difficulties


My husband and I have both been offered jobs in Kuwait. We will prospectively travel end of October. But we have a slight dilemma. We have a one year old daughter that needs to come with us.
My job is doing my and my daughters visas but they say that she might only be able to come after my husband and I have moved to Kuwait.
My concern is how the visa's would work and what is our best option is for all three of us to be able to travel together.
I am not willing to travel without my daughter.

Please advise.

I am pretty sure that even if her dependent visa isn't processed until after your arrival that she can enter with you on a tourist visa, good for 90 days. Since you are from SA you can get this on arrival at the airport. Bring photocopy of passport.

That's what I was hoping for. Thank you

I have been informed that South Africans cannot get a visit visa at the airport, So that option seems to be okay for other countries, but not for us. Thank you for the input though

Check out Kuwait's new e-visa system then. You may be able to arrange that way.

Barring that I would contact a professional visa service in SA for assistance.

Best of luck.

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