Dengue treatment in Kuala Lumpur. Sunway Medical Hospital

I know a guy who is stuck in Sunway medical now. Had dengue, but no money. Hospital ask to pay rm12k for hospitalization. Ask insurance already. They ask him to wait 3 months for approval. Then hospital ask him to pay monthly for 3 months. But still cost over 3ks. Anyone knows anyone who have a higher bill than his?

I once got Dengue Fever. I stayed in bed at home pretty much for two weeks, drank at least a couple of liters of water every day and lots of guava juice. I even went to Bandung for a holiday as we had guests visiting But I couldn't go out with them, just lay in bed most of the time sweating and feeling half dead with a splitting headache and aching bones and joints for two weeks. I felt as if I was going to die.

My wife got Dengue a few months ago, but I guess her strain of the virus was lighter than mine a she was not as badly affected, just stayed in bed for 2 or 3 days and felt awful.

RM12k seems an awful lot to treat Dengue Fever. I mean it mostly involves giving painkillers and putting you on an intravenous drip so that you get lots of fluids into your system. I thought mostly young kids and the elderly were hospitalized for Dengue.

Assuming a typical private room at a hospital costs around RM300 - 400 per night, then a semi-private or a 6 to a ward would be a lot lot cheaper, then what does the RM12k represent? Also what kind of insurance company was he using? I once got hospitalized for a slipped disc spinal surgery at Pantai Hospital and that cost RM20k and the insurance company paid the bill when I checked out of the hospital four days later.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of that guys hospital bill and to know which insurance company he is using.

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