Terms and conditions to Purchase car by a Foreigner?

Does anyone have any idea what is the terms and condition for a foreigner to purchase car in Shenzhen?

rent is better, since now license plate is only for sz citizen , better u can consider license placte from   huizhou or dongguan area .

Thanks for the update! I really don't know that license plate only for sz citizen.

I think that renting a car is a better idea either for the short-term or possibly long-term rental agreement. You can rent one very quickly and everything can be included. Clearly not the same location but during my time back in the UK I've been driving to London for work for a couple of weeks and rented a new VW . So simple and quick which im sure would be the same for you where you are.


Just curious to know, how's the traffic/driving conditions generally in shenzhen ? Is it safe to drive there ?

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