want to go back india

As I have came here for job before 8days by signing offer letter I thought its a direct company I came here I got to now that its consultancy after 8days today they tod me to attend interview I don't like to be here so that I told them I want to go back home they blackmailed me if u want to go first u pay 800riyals then jail 2months then home or u work here I feared and I agreed and they had got some documents signed with me like company formalities for joining but I want to go back pls help me they took my passport also

Go to the Indian Embassy and give them all the details.

Should I go with my luggage

And he told me that I will not let u go till 2years still u have to suffer lot here if u don't agree me

Hi imran2525,

With the vague information you have provided, let me first understand the following before I can attempt an answer.

Firstly, on what visa have you entered Oman, if you do not have a job as yet ?

Who has sponsored you ?

Did you do your medical tests and send your medical report by courier to your consultant / employer before coming to Oman ?

Why are you saying that you don't like to be here ?

Who is threatening you to pay R.O. 800/- and 2-months jail term (for what any way ?? since you have not committed any crime [I trust]).

The whole thing seems like a huge scam. The perpetrators can get themselves into a lot of trouble if they are reported.


As stumpy has advised, go straight to the Indian Embassy. Don't even bother if you do not have any Omani Rials on you. Just stop a taxi and tell him to take you to the Indian Embassy straight. Go inside the embassy and they will even pay the taxi driver for you.

Tell them the whole story clearly (unlike what you have mentioned here), and in detail, without forgetting anything. Produce wherever proof you have of your correspondence and communication details, with the embassy officials.

Leave the rest for them to handle.

Most importantly, be bold.

Good luck.

Hi sir as. I have sent medical to the agent he sent here and the offer letter also which I have signed they told me the job of laptop servicing from past seven days no one asked me whether iam having money or not iam having food or not after four days the manager called me I talked him and asked him to pay the advance money of one month salary and he shouted at me and scolded me still just five days over started showing ur colours and 200% I want to cancel u ur visa has came so that I called u and then I told him if there is no use of me then send me back and he to come to office tomorrow and discuss with the boss later after two days I visited the office with the company boss driver and the manager was their at office again he scolded me and blackmailed me just do what I say and signed their company joining papers or I will send u jail first in any case then u should pay 800riyals then u should make ticket and go home or do as what I say and I thought its direct company but its a consultancy and he told me if u not do work here I will not let u go till 2years and I will remind u ur grandmother by transferring the outlets every month so do u want to go jail or interview with me I told I can't go jail then he took me for promoter interview and later again took me to the office for signing the joining formalities I told him I will sign tomorrow he told just finish today or I book any case and send u jail and I signed it then from. 2pm to 6pm he was making me a joker and playing with me scolding me and I asked him y r u doing this to me I have family problems pls send me back to Ind then he told shutup and do what I say OK I have selected u not ur family always family family u blady rascal he told me at 6pm he sent me to room

I don't like to work here because he use to tell me that iwhat I will say u should listen or u will dream about ur grandma and don't get me angry OK and don't ask money do work then take salary when companies gives u he told me so that I don't want to work with this company if he keep enemity on me and if he troubles me I will die sir really

Hi imran2525,

Whoever is troubling you must be reported. Immediately.

Go to the Indian Embassy / Royal Oman Police (ROP) station and lodge a formal complaint.

At the ROP station, you can lodge a complaint basis the fact that your employer has forcefully confiscated your passport.

Oops, wait ...  if you are not on a valid employment visa like you have mentioned, then that would be a problem for you as well.

Better for you to go to the Indian Embassy and explain your problems there.

I came with employment visa only in embassy they will send me to India right because my family is waiting for me to come back as my son also not feeling well from four days

And another thing I can't able to take my baggage because their will be a driver of the sponser at room is it OK if I go without baggage

Hi imran2525,

Your posts are very confusing and also contradictory.

If you are in Oman on an employment visa, then what interview were you asked to attend ? By who ? And for what job ??

You are not a prisoner here. You are a free man and you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want. With or without your luggage.

So please be brave and go to the Indian Embassy. They will sort out all your problems.

Sir I came for laptop sales they told me to attend the interview in HTC mobile as promoter if u not agree they file any case and send me to jail so that I attended if I take my  luggage from the room if the driver see that if he stopped me and call the sponser and take me to police by telling any lie what should I do sir so that iam getting fear of them

They have torture me lot full one day by telling me that if I want to go back they will send me jail in some case already we have sent one next is u like that the manager told me and made me as joker and scolded me and told me I will not let u go back till 2years I will make u dream about ur grandma and if u not listen what I say jail is ur home that's guarantee he told me so that iam fearing


pls go to Indian embassy and explain your issue. don't worry oman is having very good rules & regulation .
your friend


please go to indian embassy or write on twitter to madam sushma swaraj, she will immediately do the needful. they cant stop you like this. before its late do something a be bold and smart enough.


Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj)

Hello Mr. IMRAN2525,

If you have any GSM no. as well as your location also, provide me on immediate basis.

I will coordinate with you accordingly  .

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and most of all don't loose hope. there is always a way.

i have a problem same like this please help me sir

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