healthcare plans/program/policies for getting insurance outside U.S

What is the healthcare plans, program, policies for getting insurance outside the U.S. while living in Dominican Republic

Hi,  we have answered this a few times. Here you go: 

There are two big providers Universal and Humano, both are good.

Programs are per person per month,  for any real choice you need to sign up before you turn 64 1/2.   Programs are not priced based on age or sex or anything.  Children are same price as adults. 

I offer a group product through  Humano.  Price is in RD  -  ranges from 1,700 to 2,300 per person per month and includes  dental and prescription medications.

You can buy the policy  whenever you are here,  qualifying is pretty simple,  as long as you pay the premium you are covered. No coverage outside of the DR. 

Others can tell you about Universal,  they also have very good programs.

WE have Universal and are very happy with it.   We have a huge group plan here on the north coast.  And the best part is thee is no formal membership to the group.

We have used it for medical care, surgery, follow ups and all with no problem.

Bob K

I might add we maintain an international policy that also covers us anywhere in the world including evacuation coverage.

Do know that there is an age limit on policies written here and some conditions (pre existing) may require a waiting period before you are covered for that.

Bob K

Good point, many groups, mine included, have no membership requirements.

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