Moving from one province to another / one city to another

Hi guys and gals,

I haven't created a thread for quite sometime. But recent experiences has provided me with some knowledge of what to expect with regards to the subject above:

"Moving from one province to another / one city to another"

As a summary, this action is made easier if you're on your own and of course haven't bought into the whole home ownership thing. But if you're like me who's settled down for quite a bit and have kids - this would be a gigantic effort, Although in the end I did not go through with it, the near experience has given me some idea of what to expect. I am going to share that with you all.

1) Connect with an agent for your home and plan a timeline for selling your house. Get prepared with home presentation etc. Depending on your timing, you may have to weather the storm of having to pay mortgage and rent (at the new city) all at the same time. So adequate funds are necessary.

2) For new job, negotiate a moving package. Some may include funds for your first few months of rental. All depends on your negotiation and the company.

3) Connect with a few moving companies and get an estimate of moving your stuff. Decide which to move and which to sell. If you're moving long distances, then its wiser to get your vehicle moved too. Note: Tax for moving vehicle is high and should also be accounted for in your estimate. Pick a reputable moving company to avoid unforseen gotchas.

4) If at all possible, avoid moving during winter season. In your relocation package,  negotiate for a scouting trip for you and your family that includes air fare and also hotel and allowances.

5) Request help from HR for contacts of important services like family doctor, etc etc.

6) When leaving, make sure you also subscribe to Canada Post's mail forwarding service for a year, … ddn|ml|225 so that you ensure all mails to you get delivered.

7) Change your address for all important stuff.

8) Make sure you have some health coverage for the first month in the new city (if for different province)

9) Also account for disconnection fee. You may do so for your phone and internet first but stop short of water and electricity since you may have not sold the house yet.

That's some of the things I can think of. On the other hand, if you own crap stuff (furniture) in the house and moving them ain't important - it may be wiser to simply sell them and then just ship your other belongings in boxes. That'll be cheaper. Some folks rent a u-haul and pack things up by themselves. So it really depends on you and what you want. I know that the lesser the moving package provided, the more incline you will be to do what I just mentioned to save on cost. But I did have a fair moving package that was offered and I would have simply gotten a moving company to avoid all the hassle.

That's a great list - many moving companies will offer a list of how to prepare for your move, including some of the things mentioned above. In the current job market, I would definitely ask about help with moving costs etc, but wouldn't be surprised if the company left you to your own devices, or gave you a small stipend for the first month or so. (But I'm pessimistic when it comes to that sort of thing...if you don't ask, you really won't get anything at all.)

Most cities and areas also have something called the "Welcome Wagon" (a free service) that will help people that are new to the area with information about services etc. (We've never used them, despite moving several times over a decade between different cities and provinces.)

You're other province health coverage is good for three months in the new province, so make sure you apply for your new province's coverage when you arrive. If you have medical conditions that require regular doctor's care bring copies of your medical records and try and get a referral for a doctor in your new area. (It's hard to get a family physician in many provinces.)

Be prepared for culture shock if you're moving to a different province, especially one far away from your original. There are major cultural differences between provinces in how they socialize, what they do for fun and how they conduct business.

In this economic climate most companies will avoid moving packages at all cost. Don't expect rosy packages like they use to do decades ago. Its all streamlined now by HR processes and standards according to the seniority of that individual. Of course executive levels and also academic professors typically have better packages. Its not the same for the average white collar Joe or Jane. Even though I was coming in at management level, it was still rather tepid (not at all overly generous) but it was fair nonetheless. And it depends on the type of company and industry. Insurance and finance companies may have better ones than IT services companies for example.

Yes, of course always ask - otherwise you won't get a dime. I've known folks to have accepted offers and moved provinces and when I asked them if they were sufficiently compensated for their move, they told me that they didn't get anything. That's because they assumed that there wasn't such a deal but that wasn't the case as another guy in the same company had a moving package doled out to him simply because he asked for it.

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