Tokyo is extremely clean! why?


I just came back from Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. Whilst my stay there I had always wondered that the city is so clean! And to my surprise trash bins are no where to be found!

As I am amazed with this phenomenon, can anyone enlighten me as to why it is so? What are your best practices to keep the city clean? It's something I want to learn and even apply in my own country or at least my own home first :)

Arigato gozaimaz😊

I also like the way Japan is very clean, as I like the politeness of it's people, their efficiency, honesty and helpfulness. It reminds me of Singapore but going a whole lot further.

Yes there are trash bins around, but you need to find them. It's quite nice not seeing them everywhere though. In the airport you often need to search for them. In the cities they are there, and you can also find them outside convenience stores which are literally everywhere.

If Malaysia were to adopt slogans and fines the way that Singapore does then I'm sure Malaysia would be a cleaner place.

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