Urgent : info about Saudi Airways

Hello everyone,
I'm new on this forum, and would like some information about Saudi airways hiring  international flight attendants (Moroccan nationality ). I also want to know  the qualifications and the hiring process.Do they have recruitment events worldwide ?? Do they accept unveiled girls like Emirates, Etihad ,and Qatar airways? ?
Looking for some sutisfying answers ASAP

hi. this is best found on their website not here. they are hiring flight attendants right now. (bosnian and greek) nationality. maybe even morrocans, can't know until you apply.  while working there u must wear their uniform.

It usually depends on the outsource company that hires for them. If they get visa for morocco visa in hand they would certainly hire from morocco. Seek through the agents in morocco who recruit and hire and for them.

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Thank you so much Ehtisham and Rareshine for the help  :top:  :kiss:

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