Starting a life in Hanoi and need advices

Hello people,
after a long time, I have been given an opportunity to have an internship in Hanoi and will be moving there in November.
I would like to ask few questions:
What can I expect from a rent for 200 US dollars? Will it be decent for living there, or Ishould anticipate a low level accommodation? It will be within a radius 7-8 km from Dich Wong district.
I will have a motor bike while I will be in Vietnam.
Second: Is it possible to find a part-time job as a teacher of English in Hanoi? During evenings and weekends, because my internship salary might not cover all my costs connected with my life in Vietnam.
There will be a friend of mine whose english is really good and has many experiences working in the US and trying to find a job for him too.

Third: how about social life? Where I should go and meet other expats and have a LOT of fun? I really like to meet and know new people :)

Thank you very much for any advice and help.   

Cheers guys and hope to see you there.

Welcome to the forum... :)

I suggest that you read through the many informative posts on the forum first for information and advice.
Then perhaps ask specific questions.

Hi, Roldo. Welcome to Việt nam. I already had a friends who come from france. I know for sure  the answers for your questions.
1. About to rent apartment with 200 us dollars.
It's depend on your demands, for me. I'm a student at HN university transport of technology. and have just graduated . Now,I rent a house with my sister and my brother. I have to pay 700 vn đồng ( about 50 dollar each months), but we are deferent :) .  in ordinary, the cost about 200 to 500 dollars for an apartment or a house including the water cost, elictric cost. U can access some websites for housing and property to find out the apartments that U want to rent. Maybe, I can help U when U come to Viet nam.
2. Too much of english center are growing up in HN at the moment such as: Apollo english center, British Council, or local center such as: Headstart, smartcome viet nam, ..... U can apply to this english center or teaching at home or become a tutor with high salary. I don't know it's easy or hard to U apply to these english center, it's depend on your ability.
3. About social life :)
Viet nam's one of the most peace  country in the world. Vietnamese is kind and friendly. Viet nam have great dishes and beautiful sites and U should try to experience the Viet nam's culture. Don't worry. I think U will get used to with social in vietnam soon.

Hi Guys!
thank you very much for your posts :) I am already in contact with several english teaching schools.
Really looking forward coming to Hanoi this november.

You're welcome.

Hi, Roldo. Welcome to Việt nam.
I am living in Hanoi and I can give you the answers for your questions.
1. About to rent apartment with 200 us dollars.
I am living in an apartment in VOV building, I know some Vietnamese are renting with about 200$, but without any furniture,  I don't know there are different with foreigner.
VOV building is about 7km to Dich Vong street (in Cau Giay district).  Maybe, I can help U when U come to Viet nam.
2. About part-time job. Because I am looking for an foreigner coming from English speaking country to work with my children. I hope you  have experience in teaching children, special spent time to play and teach English language.

You can write to me when you need any help in Hanoi.

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