Thai Looking for Land in Chiang Mai. Any advice?

Thai looking to buy in the area around Chiang Mai for land to buy for small eco retreat. Any info on areas are on the fringes that are not commercial (village/hillside but close enough for low but developing tourism numbers). Long term project.  Thanks for any information you can offer.

I assume you are aware that non Thais cannot own land in Thailand? It will be necessary to form a co. with Thai nominee directors having 51% of the shares.

Yes, thanks I did know.  We have Thai family.

Ah you will be ok then  :top:   Sounds like you need to spend some time driving around, nothing better than being there in person. Suggest use the family to put feelers out. Best you keep well clear or price will be x2 or 3.
Wish you well with your idea but on the other hand personally I would not like to see CM get even more tourists than it already does.

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