Moving and Looking for a job in Malta

Dear all the expats in Malta
i am from Taiwan married with Italian. now we decide to move out from Italy due to many reason.
i was sales manager in interantional trade company before i moved to Italy, My husband is Italian Chef.
Both are not happy the life in Italy.
Wonder know if there are any chance for both us work in Malta. and i try looking for a job online via Maltapark.
Any of you know good way to looking for a job on-line, Also we can go Malta for 3-4 days for hunting a job. But wonder know where we should start, from recruitment agency ? or there are any other better way ?

if there are anyone can help, i will be appreciate.

Hi Carol,

Welcome to! :)

You can have a look at these articles in this guide :  Work in Malta. Try also to post an ad in the jobs in Malta section.

Good luck,

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