How to get Temp Residency for family of 3?

Has anyone went through the temporary residency process? If so how was your experience and the steps. And what all did you need to get it. I am looking to move there in December and want to get temporary residence for family. Me, My wife, and daughter.

Don't expect to get it by December. I have been going through the process for over 1 year. I completed the second last step back in May and still waiting to hear from the lawyer I hired about completing the final step.

Can you still live there while your waiting or do you you have to leave after so long? After receiving temp residency you then apply for permanent residency correct? (if you plan on staying with dual citizenship)

Yes you can live here while it's being processed.

To the OP the thread about residency, it explains the process for you!

Do read through the thread that Planner listed.  It is a long and can be a $$ process and it has to start in your home country.

With all the planets being in alignment it will take 6 months or so start to finish.

Bob K

And the planet's are never aligned. Get started at home, come here with everything ready and then you deposit all docs in Santo Domingo. Then you wait...... but you can live here while it's in process.

Can I ask (if not too personal) what visa you're applying under? The reason I'm asking is because I want to start the residency process and the lawyer I spoke with said I can get a local to sponsor me - but before I go down the route of paying a lot of money for the application I wanted to see if I can find anyone thats gone through this process.


Lots of us have. You no longer need a sponsor but you need to buy "insurance" for this. 

Read the thread regarding residencia, the only change is the insurance.

Your lawyer may not be up to date so think about speaking with another. Both Bob and I can recommend good lawyers.

I see. The lawyer I emailed was one that had been recommended in here before..

Glad to hear about not needing a sponsorship - would anyone be able to pass on lawyer recommendations :-) it would be appreciated.

Sorry to hijack your post!


please pm me with what lawyer you used., and I will reccommend another to you

Bob K

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