Package offered versus cost of living

Good day,

I have been offered a job in Nairobi and want to check if the below which has been offered is sufficient enough to live comfortably as well as the potential to save on a monthly basis.

Net salary per anum 87k
International School fees for 2 children
Comprehensive medical cover for whole family
Annual home leave tickets for the family on Economy class
Pension fund contribution

Please let me know if the above is ok as well as if anything crucial has been left out.

Thanks a lot.

This looks like a very good package. Depending on how much money you spend on exploring this amazing country you should definitely have money left over for savings!

Some ideas of your monthly costs (obviously you this will vary depending on whats important to you)

Groceries for a family of 4 (rather expensive especially if you feel the need to buy imported products like me) $800- $1000
Wifi - $150 - we pay for the fastest option
Security - $300-$400
Water - $50
Electricity - this varies between $130-$200 (Some months its $300!!)
Cars - Big expense but if you import a car and look after it you will probably not loose much money on it as imported cars owned by expats are like gold!
Fuel - this greatly depends on where you live, work school and if you have a generator - but fuel is relatively cheap here
Entertainment - quite expensive to eat out - especially as the quality is not amazing - but if you go out once a week you are looking at about $400 per month
Househelp - the big bonus to living in Kenya - Driver/Nanny/Housekeeper/Cook - you would be looking at paying between $200-$300 per month per person

Having school fees paid for is a huge bonus!

I also recommend travelling as much as you can! The average flight to the coast costs about $100-$150 per person :)

I hope that helps!!


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