Learning English

Hello guys,
What should we do when learning English? I amnot good at pronuciation english. Can you help me? Please contact me and take me advice.

I'd recommend conversation with native speakers of English, specifically of the dialect and accent you wish to learn, as pronunciations can vary greatly depending on nationalities and regions.

Romaniac Experts Team

And what should we do now?

HongDino :

And what should we do now?

"We"?  :cool: Not quite

What should YOU do now? That's the question, and it's up to you how to answer it :)  I'm sure you can find willing people to skype with you or even native speaking expats near you to meet with :)  Good luck

I speak American English, from California.I might be able to help you with Pronunciation.

Thanks so much. I am very happy to hear that


Try to speak slowly and learn from others.
Attempt to speak only in English, which will give you an insight on the way English is spoken in the USA.
Try watch American movies with Subtitles in your language.
People have different accents depending where they live.
A person in NY will speak differently that Texas.
Its a matter of experience, by opening your self out to others.
Just do not worry if you make any mistakes. 99% of the people will certainly help you out.


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