Is there a place that teaches martial arts in Riyadh?

Is anybody teaching any form of martial arts and where?

Hello Pldro :cheers:

Kindly check out adverts from sports tutors under our following classifieds section:

> Sports classes in Riyadh

You could also drop an advert of your search there if you did not find what you were exactly looking for.


Actually there are a lot of gyms for Martial arts in Riyadh
the choice is depending on you

what kind of martial art are looking for ?? karate, taekwondo, aikido, hapkido, boxing, kickboxing ..ets

Well I'm looking for Aikido, Karate or Krav Maga if they have it. I'm looking for a an instructor, place if there is any fees necessary

Karate is very popular in Riyadh . you can find a karate instructor almost in every Martial art club
you can pay a visit to Malaz stadium coz they have a karate training there and as far as I know it's free of charge

for Aikido there was a training in small club in Batha, but unfortunately they close the club now
let me check if i can find the contact number of the instructor

For Krav Maga I'm not sure if you can find instructor in a club, Maybe Private or in Compound

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