Feeling Surreal right now.

I recently booked a one way to Phnom Pehn to teach English. I'm from the DC metropolitan area. Was it hard for those within this forum to adapt to living in a new country? I looked at the other ASEAN countries, but they all have strict Visa's which require a border run.

The flight was a steal at $399 which includes insurance, if my bags are lost, delay, etc. How is the economy in Phnom Pehn? It seems more and more apparent that the US is slowing. The primary reason why I'm looking at living abroad is the cost of living. The US has become such a mess with it's social structure. The middle class has been wiped out, so you only have rich and poor.

How do you like Phnom Pehn and how long have you been an expat there.

Feeling Surreal right now

That's about average so don't worry about it.

Pack an open mind and a big smile, two things that will help you a lot when you land.

It took me a couple of months for my body to adjust to the food out here but other than that it has been great. I moved from Hawaii back in April. I am currently a pre-k teacher and love life in Cambodia. There are many holidays so theres more than enough time to travel on time off as a teacher. What school will you be working at?

The school that I'll be working at is unknown. Based on the YouTube videos about TEFL in Cambodia.... I have to hand out my CV to multiple schools and hope for a call back. I'm looking at Zaman, Western International, and Beltie.

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