6-month internship in R&D biology

Dear all ,

I am from France and I am currently looking for a 6-month internship in Korea starting in January 2017 to validate my second master’s degree. I am seeking an opportunity in R&D in biotechnology industry.
I have graduated with a master degree in biotechnology and I am currently studying for a second master’s in order to obtain a more hand on practical experience and to specialize myself in applied microbiology and infectious diseases studies. Moreover, I have done internship at R&D site of a French company leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, where I worked on the assessment of the loop mediated isothermal amplification method for characterization of human pathogenic strains. I am really excited and enthusiastic about molecular research and diagnostic.  I am also interested in research that utilizes biochips.
I speak French and English and I can speak a little Korean (I lived in Korea in 2015).
If you know of any internships opportunities or leads that you might be able to share with me, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Mélanie B.

Hi Mélanie,

I invite you to post an ad in the jobs in South Korea section. Click on "create your cv".

Best of luck,

Hi Christine,

Yes I did it too.
Thank you.

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