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I'm migrating to Holland end of this year ( dec). I need to know all the information regarding important my kids education since they don't understand dutch ,which i plan to put them in local  govt sponsor school which have both English n dutch so call transition school. can you help to find me these school for my kids age 10 and 15 years old this year. I cant afford international school.

I understand my kids could apply for the allowances which the govt will give them some school allowances every three month for kids age 18 and belows. Also how do i apply for 30% tax exemption for working here.

do you have a step by step website which i can get help on my migration process.

Steven lum

Schools - Assuming you're talking about state schools, I'm not aware of any primary schools that teach in English (could be wrong though); I've heard of secondary schools that are dual-language, but the proviso was that the child had to speak Dutch to be accepted.  I wouldn't worry about it though; when we first moved there, our twins didn't speak a word of Dutch and within a month or so, they were fine; after a year you couldn't tell they hadn't lived there all their lives.

Kids allowances - assuming you mean "Kinderbijslag"; my understanding is that you have to be paying into the "Social Funds" to get it; the link (it's in Dutch - sorry) tells you all about it.

Can't help with the 30% tax exemption - sorry.


I am currently looking after and training an english language 5 year old boy who is student in this school: … ow?no=1849

good luck

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