Contemplating a move to Zanzibar

Good Day Everyone,

I am currently in Saudi Arabia but a position has opened up in Zanzibar.

Comparing Zanzibar and Saudi Arabia is a no brainer, but is it really paradise? I am from Namibia and know how Africa works.

Is there anything specific in Zanzibar that makes it not sound like paradise?


hello CPP007 (James Bond fan?)

Zanzibar is a beautiful place with lots of tourist and wonderful beaches. You can eat lots of fresh fish, crab, squid, shrimp if you like .... ... I love it. One issue i find in zanzibar is high influence of political unrest between rulling and opposition party's during the time of election and other political events.

If you are happy in saudi .....better stay there. Your savings might be low. To get work permit in zanzibar can be very tough these days due to changes in government reforms.  But if you think you can survive here.....karibu sana.

Thank you for your reply. Not really a James Bond fan. The 007 comes from something else. :)

I am not really happy in Saudi anymore because of the lack of having a life.

The other things you mentioned with regards to the political stuff also does not bother me unless I will am physically affected. I understand it is Africa and I am used to the African way of doing things.

Money will be less than Saudi but I suspect that the change in lifestyle more than makes up for it.

The visa thing will also not be a problem because this is a project sponsored by the government and FAO.

If you are not happy with your work place will never enjoy your work no matter what all you compromise. From your reply it is very evident that you are ready TO FACE anything and you are prepared. Which is good.

So go for it .....Good luck and find your happiness.

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