Running groups in Kuwait


I shifted to Kuwait this year and am taking part in the Gulf Bank Marathon in November 2016.  I am looking for a running group that i can join and run with for continued morivation. I saw that there are several threas about running groups in 2013/2012 but dint see any further updates on them so starting this threat to get some information. I would love to start running asap! :)


Join Runfie (

They are off during summer but they are starting their season this Saturday at 8:00.

Meeting point is Starbucks, Marina Crescent. The guys are very friendly.

Thanks a lot for this!  I visited their page, seems like a group of nice and friendly people :) but somehow could not find a number to contact them. Would you be aware about the fee that I will have to pay to join the group. Or else i will just go this Saturday and ask. Anyways thanks again :)

Oh no fee dear, it's for free :)

Yeah they usually plan activities together too from time to time

Also there is another group (  "q8runclub" )

I never joined them but from their instagram page, they run every monday at 7:30 pm starting from Scientific Center.

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