American wants to move to Berlin

I am trying to take a year off from my regular life and move from US to Berlin.  I need to get a visa, obviously, but I don't know if I can get one for a full year. (I would get a study visa to study german).  Does anyone know if it's possible?  I have an appointment with the embassy in October, but wanted to hear from people who have been through it.
thanks much!

These sites should answer most of your questions about studying in Germany: … _26604.php

Thanks Tom, I read your response regarding the artist/self employed post and that actually helped me a lot.  I appreciate your insight!

OK. I hesitate to mention such things sometimes because while there are legitimate exceptions to some rules like who can get a work visa and how it works, some people can take it as a suggestion to try to tricking the system. If one is a self-employed artist, then it is different than getting a normal job. But one cannot easily fake such a thing. Before getting accepted, one will have to show professional credentials and a good likelyhood of success since the last thing the governemnt wants is  foreigner who can't pay his bills and will end up needing social assistance. And as long as one is not married one will have to continuely renew the residency permit for years with no guarantee even if they are successful.  The whim of local authorities often decides. And if one ends up on assistance then it's very doubtful they will get an extension of their residency permit.

Understood, thanks.  I'm actually only looking to stay for one year and fortunately have saved plenty of money to not have to work. My hope is that I can get a one-year visa without having to go back and forth to the states to renew.

As a tourist one can stay 90 days total out of 180 in the Shengen area. One then has to leave to a non-Shengen country but not necessarily your home country. One could stay 90 days, then go to Australia or Thailand or wherever and after 91 more days be allowed to return for another 90 days.
Some non-EU members are actually members of Shengen while the UK (presently) and Ireland are in the EU but not Shengen. More details here: … ries-list/

I’ve also seen an interesting travel blog with some tips on maneuvering such situations: … n-90-days/

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