It's worth lugging a queen size memory foam mattress along with us?

We're trying to decide if it's worth lugging a queen size memory foam mattress along with us in the RV. We've read that good mattresses are hard to find, but we're not sure putting the monster mattress in the cab over bed is worth it. Alternately we could use a memory foam topper that we could transfer to a bed in whatever house we rent when we arrive. Thoughts, please?


I would suggest bring it if you can make room. Good matresses are hard to find. We have not had a box spring since we moved. Usually a foam mattress on wooden slats.

Second that. We have a really nice natural latex mattress that I love with my whole heart. Bringing it here was one of my best decisions. It's a lifesaver. Actually, the mattress and my grandmother's rocking chair were my motivations for deciding to ship some of our stuff. I knew I couldn't live without those two things, so I figured I may as well throw a few other things in there.

My wife and I are planning our move to Sarteneja August 1 2017. We ordered two 20 x 40 houses completely finished from Linda Vista a couple of weeks ago. I have heard mattress are very expensive and of low quality in Belize. We have been testing out an inflatable mattress for a couple of months now and we decided we are going this route. We picked one called "Insta-bed raised air mattress with never flat pump" that will monitor its pressure and quietly keep it under the same pressure all the time. When we get to Belize we will purchase a custom made frame and headboard that fits the mattress. No bugs will ever get inside this mattress and its frame will keep it off 4" off the floor. This height will allow our robot vacuum cleaner to clean underneath it.  On Ebay you can pick up a new Queen size one for less than $125.00. It can be folded up and stored in the box that it arrived in that is 7" x 21" x 16". This takes far less space than any mattress. Air mattresses are usually used on a temporary basis but I guess we will test it and find out.

How was your experience with Linda Vista? Any worries about quality/warping lumber etc?

They have not started on them yet. I read as many statements as I could find on the internet about them and did not find anyone saying anything bad about them. No matter who I give my money to I will always be concerned about the quality until a couple of years have gone by and we have lived in the houses. My wife and I spent around 4 hours with Scott looking at there products and discussing many options. We are getting both houses completely finished. I was told that moving these houses can cause some cracking in the drywall so I am expecting some areas I will need to fix. I was told that kiln dried wood is not used inside the walls. I will be getting a sanded floor that will not be clear coated because they might scratch it during installation on my lot. If my floor ever moves around I will put cement board down and tile it. I am planning on flying back a couple of times to view them before they are finished and delivered.

Great thx for the info, I am a contractor and will be down in a few weeks. We are looking to build for ourselves, some clients and maybe do some consulting for folks that need the help. Wet lumber for the walls or Green lumber?

Linda Vista says they never use green mahogany. Mahogany is used mainly for their cabinets and trim. The siding and flooring is dried lumber. The framing lumber is not from green lumber but is not especially dried.

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