Traveling to Samana in 3 weeks

In three weeks, my husband and I will arrive in Samana.  Any suggestions on what to see and do?  Are fishing excursions offered in this area?  If so, any suggestions on who to contact?  Also, are there any expats on this forum living in that area?

Sorry we are in the Sosua/Cabarete area. There are some members who live there and I am sure they will be along shortly.

Bob K

You I will want to hear from! I've attempted to travel there before, but wrong season to get there..
Pictures, stories, details of the area and experience please!

Where did you fly into, travel by (?) to get the rest of the way.
Where did you stay? Would you again? Or better place found?

An excursion into the upper area is a must (get in the woods)!

I'd like to winter there, but yet to visit to be certain.
Looking forward to you posts!

Dear olddawgsrule:

: )  Yes, I will be happy to share.

Lots to do there fishing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, laying on the beach etc. I will encourage one of our members there to respond.

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