Busking in Madrid

I am visiting Spain in late September 2016 with a view to staying there, either in Madrid or Barcelona.  I am a former history teacher, TV journalist, and touring musician, and initially would like to do a bit of busking in Madrid to see if this might be a realistic means of semi-supporting my stay in the city, certainly until I found some more permanent work. 

However, I know you need a street performers licence to busk in Madrid. But that is about all I know, I dont even know how and where to apply for one, or how extended the process is.  Can anyone assist, ideally a fellow busker, but really anyone with a knowlege of Madrid city licencing proceedure? I speak only the most basic Spanish and can make no headway via the Madrid City Council website. Maybe someone with a better knowledge of Spanish might be able to make sense of it and direct me to the relevant web pages?

Anyway, any assistance at all would be appreciated

Alan Smart

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