Where to visit for Pchum Ben Day

Hello all,

As I know that Pchum Ben holiday is coming with 4 days off. I would like travell outside of Phnompenh but not plan to visit Shihanouk, Siemriep. Do you guys know any others - not famous but peaceful, beautiful, nature like countryside not very far from PP that I can take bus or train?

Or any nice place I can visit - as dive into the culture?


How about Kep and Kampot? Keep in mind that the roads will be pretty dangerous during that time, much like Vietnam during Tet.

Kampot is a very nice, clean country side place. The train PP-SHV stops there too, so a nice travel to get there.

Koh Kong island is very quiet and beautiful. It's a 1 hour boat trip from Koh Kong, itself a small nice town.

Thank you guys, both you suggested Kampot.
Any one want to join?

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