Skilled Migrant: 100 Points Chances + Advices Request

Hello.. I am interested to apply for EOI to NZ.
I am double masters holder (two separate master degrees) without experience.
When I test the online calculator, I have 100 points (30 for age + 60 for qualifications Masters + 10 for shortage list as I am electronic Engineer).
Is it enough to guarantee the admission or the invitation for the residency?
Is it ensured that after two weeks from the EOI you get a final reply?
I am still hesitated if you can clarify for me please!

I can't help you directly, but I would like to wish you luck.


You need 140 points to get automatically get selected from EOI pool. In case of less points you need a job offer. If u cant provide a job offer its unlikely u get an invitation based on my experince.

Hope it helps.


I second Shabana.

Good Day,
Before you get too jumpy.
You need to open that page again and read it all over again. If I am not mistaken you need at least 160 to qualify and being on the Short list doesn't guarantee you anything.
Depending on your location you will had go to mail everything to the Embassy on their list near you. Those places are few and far between, either the UK or Manila in the Philippines.

Good Luck

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