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Hello all,
We are moving into Mauritius next month and thinking of moving into Floreal. Is it a safe area ? Would it be easy to find gym ,shopping etc close by ? And is it a friendly neighborhood where one can integrate easily with the locals and expats ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Floreal is in a nice area of Mauritius with some very nice houses but it is on the central plateau and you will find that when it rains in Mauritius usually Floreal and Vacoas Curepipe will get the rain more than the coastal areas. Shopping is not too bad as you are close to Curepipe at one end of Floreal and at the other end just down the road you have the Phoenix Jumbo shopping mall which is being redeveloped at present but it does have a ;large hypermarket and eating places as well as the sought after gym.  However some good alternatives on the west coast might be better for shopping and social contact with expats as many seem to be in the Flic en Flac or Tamarin Black river area again these are well serviced by shopping areas and social placates and there is a gym sports club at Tamarin.  Of course if you are working in EBENE or Port Louis then the west coast although well serviced by local buses really needs you to have a car. Hope this helps


Floreal has traditionally been an affluent town in Mauritius and that said, most of the inhabitants there mostly keep to themselves. However you can meet people via social clubs, gym and school functions.

Safety is not an issue as besides being a wealthy area, it is also home to many foreign consulates and diplomatic missions around which security is paramount.

Shopping won't be a problem at all as you have Curepipe, a big town, 5 mins from there. You also have the town of Vacoas nearby where you have more shopping options.
You also have big malls and shopping centers all well within 5-15 mins drive or bus trip from there like the Phoenix Commercial Center, Trianon Shopping Park, Phoenix Les Halles, Supercash.

In Floreal itself, you have many branded stores and a market called Floreal Square. In addition, there's a new commercial complex called SoFlo under construction and is scheduled for completion mid 2017.

Floreal is posh. Gated properties,  embassies,  diplomats etc. Although safety is not an issue generally in Mauritius, the region is quiet during the day. Not buzzing around compared to some other urban areas.
Shopping mall is in Phoenix. There's also a gym over there, My gym.
But you need a car to move around. It's not that well connected compared to QBornes. You can also check out Sodnac regions. I know several Indian expats living over there.

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