German native

Hi there.  My name is Elke. And i am thinking of moving to Bulawayo. I am native German, (this is why my name is Sauerkrautgirl. Its a German dish :))))

I was wondering, if there is a German community in Zimbabwe.  Or other German expats?
Maybe we can cook some Sauerkraut and Schitzel (vegan) together.

Despite of this, I can offer German conversation and Grammar lessons.
Most of my adult life, I was active, and dedicated and  passionatly working  in the field of Music. I am a writer and journalist also.

I am also very !!  interested in all aspects of living a  healthy liifestyle and I have privatly studied  many aspects of healing  and supporting the human body via nutrition.

I am interested in all information about organic products and produce.

So -
to cut a long story short.
It is nice to meet you on this forum and  I am hoping to meet you soon in the real life. In Zimbabwe.
And ::: Just in case, someone would like to learn to speak and understand the German language...I would like to hear from you too :)

Have a fabulous day.
Thank you very much for your kind attention.


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