Hi guys.

I saw a post about Monday night Squash.. Is it still on..?

Can I join please.


Hi Satish,

It is best to participate on that thread itself and ask for an up-date. However, i recommend you drop an advert in the Sport partners in Brussels section of the website, it is free and the advert will stay longer on the website. Those interested will contact you directly.

All the best,

Hi, i am also looking for squash partners. I sm begginer levem

alvarofelipealva :

Hi, i am also looking for squash partners. I sm begginer levem

Which area in Brussels are you looking to play  ? (any sports center or club in mind ?)

I was thinking about playing in my university court. VUB in Etterbek

Location is not an issue, if we can plan for something to start..

I also have some places avaialable at Winners club.


Let's do it. What is the best days and time for you? I prefer weekdays afternoon or morning. But i am flexible.

Only squash? I play tennis every thursday in etterbeek, if someone wants to join one time..


I am currently on a business trip in Brussels for the next two weeks.
Is anyone interested in playing squash?

If so, give me a sign so we can talk about the details.

Level: intermediate
Availability: weekdays after 18:00 and weekends almost all the time


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