Getting my fiance a job...

Hi all!

During me 1 year stay in Dubai i met my girlfriend (which is now my fiance). I left after living and working in Dubai for a year. I moved back to Holland to hopefully find a job there and get her processes started for getting my fiance here. Now that my job hunting is taking to long and she had to move back to Philippines for other reasons I'm looking for her to get a job here in Holland. She is 34 years old and is willing to do any job as long shes with me and where together.

Now I have done my research and not allot of companies here in Holland are hiring foreign workers. I have applied for her at hotels and waiting for there response to see if they are willing to hire her.

Any how, I'm hoping you guys can help me out in advising any companies that are hiring foreign workers.

I'm still looking for a job my self. There for I cannot even sponsor her to come and visit me here.

Help would be really appreciate.

Kind regards,


Hi Jort,

You might view some articles in the Work in the Netherlands guide.

Best of luck,

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