Need a room rental anywhere in Belgium

Hi, I live in France and I have a business that requires that I travel. Unfortunately, California does not have a reciprocity agreement with France for driver's licenses. From what I've read Belgium exchanges with all US states.

So what I'm looking for, is a mailing address. I'll only stay there a short time while I register with the municipality and apply for my Belgium driver's license. After that, I'll just need to get the mail, either in person or you could forward it to me.

It's an easy way to make some money, I won't even be in the room very long!

Please let me know if you're interested. My business requires that I drive and I cannot go through the long and expensive system to get a French license, just to get an apprentice permit.


sorry no.

If you're not interested, maybe you could refrain from replying?

Hi felix41377,

If you are looking for a room to rent, you should please have a look at the Rooms for rent in Belgium and post your advert there.

Thank you.

Why do you want a belgium driving licence? Have you not an international US driving licence? Find make a fictitious address is never a problem but it's always risky ...

Even providing you an address, you must spend a visit to the city hall administration. Then there will be a police verification of the reality of your existence. And after the transfer of your license in a Belgian model, it can take up to two months ...

Well, international is not valid long term. So the only option, if you don't have an exchangeable license is to get a French one. That'll take too long, make me an apprentice driver and cost a ton. I'm not worried about how long the Belgium license takes, I'll do the request in person. I might have to drive there to pick up the license or it can be forwarded, but it's worth it. Getting an A on my car when I drive so much for business won't work for me.

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