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Hi,I'm Amer,29 years old Egyptian.i'm looking forward to relocate to the Netherlands soon.not easy to do so though cause it's hard to leave this country lol. and considering how hard it is to find a job there that could sponsor you cause you're from a non EU country.My friends from Groningen suggested that i try and see if someone have a tip for me .I've worked as a customer service agent for VF UK and worked in the banking industry for over 4 years now.not really looking for something specific there.just wondering if it's possible for a company to sponsor you or as a Non EU member can i work in Bartending/waitressing jobs and get sponsored.appreciate any advice

Hi Amer,

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Marhaba Amer and welcome on board  :cheers:

As to work in the Netherlands and to get a sponsorship from the employer ( a work permit ) you need to be high qualified and have specific skills that a Dutch can't do the job. This is what the employer have to prove to the immigration so he can hire you.
Working as a bartender is not one of them.

Hello Primadonna,

Thanks a lot for your reply and for your help really.Too bad i can't work at such jobs cause i know i'm not a high skilled criteria.think you have to be a doctor,lawyer and stuff like that to even be considered for a do you think my only way to relocate is to find a job that requires Arabic speakers or is that even not a possibility ?? again thanks a million for your Help )) .

You could try some universities which are offering Arabic studies or languages.
But... you need to be qualified to teach.

May I ask why you are so keen to come to the Netherlands?

Hello Primadonna,

thanks again for your kind reply,well the answer to your question is easy.I love that about it a lot .most of my best friends are dutch.People there are honest,kind,intelligent and ones you can have a proper conversation with.I know that's probably in a lot of countries but it's just a feeling i can't describe.i don't know if that's true but i think everyone as a child had a place or a country other than his/her own and absolutely fell in love with for no reason lol. could be the name itself .football,orange color ) don't really know it's just something inside tells me i have to be there and this is where i'll be happy.It's a shame we live in a world where you get denied an entry to a country based on where you were born,what you do and how advanced is the country you were born in.i'm not just talking about the Netherlands i'm sure you get the point.It's just i find it ridiculous to be honest cause we're all humans by the end of the day.Regarding other Arab countries yeah you're absolutely right.I can go there .even my twin brother works and lives in dubai. it's just that i don't want to.I'm not gonna be happy out there and what's the point of leaving everything behind and taking a risk to try to make it if you're not gonna be in a place where you'd be happy.Hope that answers your question )) and i apologize if my answer was a bit shallow.

It simply boils down to a person who is "in search of a better life"; either for him/herself or the family - often the reason for why people chose to move anywhere, quite understandable and not only for people wishing to move to Holland (look at the many thousands trying to get out of Africa at the moment).  In a fair world, it should be possible, but it's not a fair world and (IMO) unlikely to be so for the foreseeable future.  It has not been helped by previous governments across the world encouraging  immigration, but making no effort to supply the extra housing, healthcare and social support needed, to the extent that citizens already living there feel they are now the victims.

Migration has now become such a toxic issue in so many countries, to the extant that unless a person is either a refugee fleeing a war-torn country (and even they are finding it hard these days), or has the visible means to support themselves, without any assistance from the State, then they will find it very hard to move to most (?) western countries; there is just no public or political will to help such people.

Most potential immigrants would say "well, I just need a little bit of help, to find somewhere to live and get a job.  I'll work so hard when I get there to pay everybody back"; unfortunately for them, such circumstances will always fall on deaf ears.

Sorry Kiltedhamer, but I think you're on a loser here.  I genuinely wish you the best of luck though, because you will need it to get to most countries as an immigrant.  You may need to consider going back to school and becoming the doctor, dentist or engineer etc that such countries are looking for.

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