General advice needed

Hi everyone.

I am moving to Tanzania in the new year and am now busy figuring everything out.

I need some advice regarding cellphone networks and medical schemes.

In SA Im using Vodacom. I see they are also in Tanzania. Is it possible to keep my number? Is Vodcom Tanzania good or is there a better option? With low enough rates to contact family in SA ofcourse.

I have a decent medical scheme at Momentum, but sounds like they will only cover 3 months when Im in another country. Do I cancel this and get travel insurance or will I still need it? Is there a good option in Tanzania I can look at?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Trubos

Airtel, Vodacom,Tigo,Halotel and Zantel. It is aways better for you to enroll for new connection. You can use your SA number here but you will have to pay your network provider here and your provider in SA. Why pay twice?  Better check with vodacom SA. New cellular connection is very simple.

Regarding medical insurance, there are couple of insurance provider here. Medical bills are very much affordable for not complicated doctor visits. For major treatments/ surgeries SA is anytime better option.

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