English looking for information about Morocco

Hi All,

I am a British guy looking for any information from expats or locals. I will be there for a couple of weeks and love to hear from anyone.

Hi  :cheers:
What information are you looking for exactly? To see how I can help you!

I would like to visit Chefchaouen, Fes and Marrakech  while i am in Morocco and need somebody to guide me regarding travels and stay.

what you mean by " need somebody to guide me regarding travels and stay. "

I basically need some guidance around my  week in moroocc. I would like to see Chefchaouen, fes, rabat, casa and Marrakech.

I am told some routes are better by train some are better by busses.  I am also aiming to capture some good shots on my camera experience real life there.

Does that answer your question?

That's a lot to see in one week. To get to Casa from Marrakech you can get the train (1st class costs 150 dirahm/£12) Rabat you can get train to and from Casa as well its about an hour trip. I don't know the other city but lots to see in these three cities. I would visit hasan 2 mosque and the old Madina market in Casa, city centre in Rabat has some nice buildings and nice calm place. Marrakech I would go to koutibia mosque and jamal al fina is the big square/market next to it. From Marrakech you can visit Orika by private taxi or mini bus trip (ask around jamal al fina as I think they depart from there) so yeah Orika is very picturesque place- walking up hill with waterfalls and you can stay night in basic hostel type place- well worth going. I haven't got internet access at the moment but will answer when I can if any questions

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