Starting a beauty business in Marrakech!


I am Moroccan, but have never lived in Morocco (mainly in the UK)

I would love to open a unique beauty salon in Marrakech that holds European\American standards.

If there are any tips of advice on how to start up a business here or hurdles I need to watch out for, please let me know!

Also, my main concern is whether or not I'd ONLY be getting seasonal costumers (tourists).



follow :)

hey me too i want to make a bussines like that , we can talk about that if u want now im in morocco  this is my whatapp ***

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Hi, dear did u started said business. If u need any partmership for the said business u can contact me .....

Dear Rawan,
Please be very wary of people who allegedly would like to offer or do business with you. Too much fraud and scam is going on nowadays.

Hello  good  morning i'm Yunus from  morocco, and i'm 27 yold, as  a answer  for  ur  question, i think that  ur  project  will  find  the  exact way  of success ,but  all  what  u  need  to know  is  in first months  u  need  to be  patient.

Hey .. are tou start business yet .. ?
If you not yet and still intersted 
Please let's me know cuz i interested too


Good luck :)

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