A shop that is able to print on canvas?

Can anyone please inform me of a shop that is able to print on canvas?

...I'm looking for something similar to a Kinko's in the US (i.e. I take my photo to them and they print my photo to canvas for wall mounting)


- AH

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I use a banner shop, but tell them no folding or eyelets.
You have to leave a 40mm blank area around the whole picture so you can wrap it around, then staple it to a standard art canvas.

Works well and looks more like a painting than a photo because the banner material is textured.

Coreldraw is an ideal program to make the image in, but most small shops are helpful and will do it for you if you take the canvas in and let them see what you want.

Thanks Fred! I have a few pics that took up in Ta'if that I want to hang

- AH

The other person to check with is the writer of the blog Blue Abaya as she works with printers. In Riyadh, but has researched ones in Jeddah as well...

Just be careful that the printer does not copy your print and keep a copy for themselves to then print and happens more often than you would think.

Thanks for the info StressedMom, I am actually quite good friends with Laura and have even guest posted on her blog.

I thought your handle looked familiar.  I just remember she looked at printers here last winter for her greeting cards. Unfortunately I can't remember any of the names, but I know one was on Sari I think somewhat near Jarir.

There are some small shops in the stores are doing so
Like shop located in the Corniche Market Downtown - Second Floor

if similar to kinkos you can try Jamea (area) near the KAU as there are many shops around there.

Mind you it's not self service as someone will be doing it for you.

I wouldn't recommend those corniche shops in Balad for canvas prints. They more on tshirt mug level

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