MA student looking for a job in marrakech

Hi all,
I'm a senior MA student, English Studies, based in marrakesh and looking for a part time job, or voluntary work. I'm interested in jobs through which I can practice my English, spoken English.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!

Hi Ikram,

Can you please drop an advert in the appropriate section of the website ?

- Jobs In Marrakech

You should add you cv so that employers may review it and contact you if an opportunity arises.

All the best,

Thank you Bhavna  :top:

Hi ikram

We are over in July 12th for 2 weeks ! I'm looking for an English speaking person to look after my mum n daughter - my mum has a Alzheimer's dementia and my daughter needs entertaining, we are also going to merlift for 6 days so we may take the person with us !

My mother repeats things all the time and just needs help with making tea, walking with her, talking to her and with daughter just playing etc

If you know anyone sensible able to handle elderly mother n daughter who is 7 let me know. Ideally someone patient and talkative can handle my mum who is repeating all the time but likes to talk, play card Wth her etc, general companion or entertainer


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