A new life in Canberra for a young family

My name is Kiran and my husband &I have just moved to Canberra with our 4-year old daughter. We have moved from the UK, and did this move to have a better way of life for us all, and to provide more possibilities to our daughter as she grows. Now that we have settled, I would like to start meeting people and build a social network up, for myself and my family.

I am pretty chilled out, &like meeting up and doing things such as exploring &always stopping off for a tea along the way :). If anyone is interested in getting to know someone new, or/and in the same boat as me with wanting to start settling properly by making friends, please feel free to contact me &we can arrange a meet-up :) xx

Hi i plan to move canberra Jan 2018 keep in touch how life there?

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