South Africans living in Munich

Hi There,

I've moved to Munich couple of months ago and am looking to connect with fellow
South Africans. Any one out there interested in connecting, please email me.


You can find all South African (or any other nationality) forum members living in Germany here:

(Warning: Sending cut&paste messages to many people will get you banned as SPAMMER here - so better contact the forum moderators before trying that!)

Back in 2010 there was ca. 30 families living around münchen and about 4 south african clubs.

The strongest group is of course around the BMW'ers that seems of robust character to still manage Afrikaans fluently. About 4 large communities that I know of. Those with families are the longest lasting contacts, and we had good  events, spitbraai , boerewors making, rugby wc, etc.

We preferred families that were interested in integrating as first priority so the events was savoured for  high-days and holidays, and not a inbred sub community of weekly closed engagements.

Start with the "plain vanilla" communities like the Sa Embassy in München, or the (Meets every 6 weeks). After about 6 months you'll have met enough people with whom you "gel".

I guess with that name, that you are single - so it's likely that you need such "Treffen" to "break-out"' on the odd occasion and just let loose and chill.  Good luck.

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