Any expat in JB & works in SG? Commuting time and SG Car or Msia Car?


any expat living in JB and works in Singapore?

Best time to commute daily if before 6am, need to be at work by 730am Mon-Fri? Someone told me i have to leave at 4am? cant be right??

Best time to leave orchard road daily is 430pm to reach East Ledang about 5pm? No jam at that time correct? only after 5pm there's traffic jam on the 2nd link.

Net net, better to go to & fro JB & SG in a SG car or MY registered car?

Please help thanks?

From what I heard, there are jams and delays possible at any time. Do not count on anything less than 1 - 1.5 hrs each way!
On top of the 2nd Link toll charges (RM7,50 when entering Malaysia, plus S$3.20 when entering and exiting Singapore), Singaporean cars need to pay RM20/day when entering Malaysia and Malaysian cars S$35/day when entering Singapore. And within Singapore, there are more ERP charges until you reach your office. It won't be cheap!

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