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Hope you can help.

I am English, and my mother is Spanish. Due to the Eu referendum result, I am going to apply for a Spanish passport, and have an appointment on 8th December at the Spanish Consulate in London.

Does anyone know exactly what paperwork I need to take with me? It is impossible to get through to anyone at the Spanish Embassy or the Spanish Consulate, and they close at 2.00pm. No-one ever answers the phone. I have tried emailing, but they still can't give me the right information, and I can't find it anywhere on their website.i'm not applying for a visa, or to renew my visa or to have dual nationality. i just want to apply for a Spanish passport, which is my right as i have a Spanish parent.

If not, the only thing for it is to go there in person before my appointment to ask what I need to bring, which seems ridiculous!

Thank you in advance.

If you have a look at this link and the pages round and about it you may find what you need. … p;id_menu=[69]

Just to add the Police (CNP) have a very lively Facebook page with a good reputation. You may be able to ask your question there and get a response.

Hi Chris

Thank you. i'll have a look around. Will also check out the Facebook page.


My father is a Spaniard and I have just completed this process at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC.
I was unable to get a response from them via phone or email as well.
Eventually, I just went to the Spanish Embassy and scheduled an appointment.
I would encourage you to go down there in advance of your appointment to be sure that you arrive with everything you'll need.

Regarding documentation, I needed the following:

Father's birth certificate
Official copy from family bible of fathers' birth (not sure I needed this, but had it as back-up just in case)
Father's Death Certificate
Parents marriage license
Parents Divorce Decree
My apostilled (officially sealed) birth certificate
My US Passport
My US Drivers License

They gave me a form entitled "Registro Civil" that I filled in during my appointment.

Everything has been submitted and I'm waiting to hear back.

Good luck!


Hi Flutistmonica

Many thanks for your very helpful reply. I did get a reply from the consulate saying to contact the registro civil first, to register as a Spanish citizen. I've emailed them, but they haven't replied! I'm going to go in next week to try and speak to someone!

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