Average Salary for IT Manager in Yangon

Hi All,

I'm from Malaysia.
Recently I received an offer to work in Yangon as IT Manager in Automotive company(MNC).
I would like to know what is the salary range for IT Manager in Automotive company.
I have 15 years experience in IT line(end user environment), I was a pioneer in 1 automotive company. Which mean setting up IT infra, System Implementation. I promoted from IT Executive, Senior Executive, Assistant Manager, Manager.
I'm leading a small IT Team, to support the current company.

Kek Wei

HI cakewey,

have you moved to yangon? i am malaysian as well. working in a SI company in Yangon.

ping me if u decided to move over.


There is no ranging for Salary in Myanmar. You need to take care is accomodation. Within Yangon town center rental is high ($800/mth to $2500/mth), 8 miles out of Yangon town center is $300/mth to $600/mth).

2nd things to take care is food. If you are cooking the price is reasonable. If eating outside ranging from $20 to $80/person/meal.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your feedback.
Can I know how is the environment at Yangon? Traffic, safety, medical and etc?
If stay 8 miles away from Yangon town, does it require a lot of time to travel back to town?

You may check on Accu weather. And the website Cost of Living to make the comparison.
Weather from Nov to Feb is Cold, Mar to May is Dry and Jun to Oct is hot.

To what I know, the whole Yangon by distance is not more then 30km. But the traffic is terrible. For a disctance of 8km can takes you 1 hours.

Safety - It is quite OK. Careful on Pick Pocket. So far have not face Robbery.
Medical - There are few hospital takes Expat. And the medical cost is about double to triple to local paid. What I propose is bring some general medicine from your country. Medicine from Myanmar mainly from Thailand and India.

Hi Simon,

Really appreciate on your valuable feedback.


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