Notaries in Mauritius

Can someone recommend a Notary in Mauritius.  My experience of those fellows has been very disappointing and unprofessional. Are they governed by any code of conduct ?

I can be contacted at xxx

Many thanks

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Hi Laip,

Please note that i have changed the title of your thread from lawyers to notaire.

You will get all infos here :

However, i can't find the english version of the website, maybe you could translate the page using google.

Hope members provide you some feedback soon.

All the best,

Dear Sir,
Please you can contact Mr Ibrahim Gopee, very reliable.

As with most countries you need to check on what services you need as well as some lawyers or notaries specialise in family matters and others in company law etc.

Thanks Daren. 

Those notaries I contacted do not even care to acknowledge receipt of enquiry emails; accordingly,  I do wonder about their training and whether there is any professional standard in that profession. 
I shall email your chap and hope that, unlike the others, I shall get a response to my enquiries.

If you want to do business in Mauritius, try to conclude your contract abroad. If you live in the UK, you should ensure that English law is the applicable law.  Unfortunately, in land transactions, Mauritian law is always the applicable law and you will need a Notaire in Mauritius.  You will also need a lot of luck to find a one who is competent and professional.  Why bother !


Did email your chap to ask whether he can deal with certain matters and his fee.   It came as no surprise when I GOT NO REPLY.  They all profess to be offering the best legal services in Mauritius., and this is their best ! ! !

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Hi, I had good experience with Ms.Marie Cxxxxxx, very competent and experienced but difficult to get appointment. Good luck

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Some years ago i had to look for a notaire....very difficult to find a good one and if they know You are from abroad the fées is just unbelievable...hourly and around 5,000 rupees ..that was years must have double now...good luck...

It depends for what. e.g. for a Power Of Attorney, this is usual everywhere.

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