Applying for retirement visa in Thailand

I'm married,it says have 400,000 baht in the bank or 40,000 baht income A month with A reasonable amount of baht in the bank.What does Thai Immigration consider A reasonable amount?Can anyone answer this?

What your message describes is a Non-Immigrant visa based on marriage assuming you are married to Thai lady.

There is no reasonable amount required under the regulations.

To prove the 40k income you must have a letter from you embassy and some offices like to see evidence in the form of a Thai bank account showing the money is being transferred into the country.

You need 800,000 in a Thai bank or a combination of half in the bank and half in income.

Why don't you do the retirement Non O visa instead.    Show a total of 65,000 Baht coming into your bank account in any country, get a printout, take it to your embassy, they will give you an income affidavit to fill out and they will write a letter to Immigration on your behalf....

On month deposit is all you need.  So  lets say you have 2 bank accounts at home, transfer the equivalent of 65,000 Baht in to one account do the printout of the money going in, you can take it out the following day..... 

After the first year you do this once a month for the following years and get what is called an "Extension of stay" every year for 1,900 Baht without having to leave the country...

Why keep your money in a Thai bank, that you cannot use.   If you do that, it has to be seasoned (in the account 2 months, for the first year and 3 months for subsequent years), with that you need a printout of your passbook and a letter from the bank on the day you visit Immigration.

Why tie up 800,000 Baht   or 400,000  plus showing monthly...

Visas are usually obtained outside the country not inside...

Go to   it is free and all your questions will be answered.

Many immigration officers prefer this than all the paperwork necessary with the Non O for marriage.  This also requires 2 trips to Immigration, and a visit to your house, photos of you in front of the house and inside, questioning of your neighbors as to do you really live there   etc.....    Because.....too many people try to scam immigration using the Non O for marriage, using it only to obtain a visa.

The OP did not ask about other options. The financial requirements for the visa based on marriage are considerably less than the (incorrectly called) retirement visa.
As far as I am aware there is no requirement to have "A reasonable amount" in the bank as well as proof of the min. income required.

The total has to be 800,000....I have lived here for six years and been coming here for 40 years.

colbamumbai :

The total has to be 800,000....I have lived here for six years and been coming here for 40 years.

For a retirement visa yes that is correct. Though it can be either 800,000 in the bank OR a provable income of 65,000 a month OR a combination of the 2. i.e. You could have 300,000 in the bank and income of 42,000 a month.

And that isn't what the OP wanted to know.

I think if you had two or three months of your "monthly" salary/stipend/payment you will be golden.

The last time I was applying for a visa, they said I had everything necessary for a Non-Imm O (Spousal) and I only had about 1K in my Thai bank account, which they never asked for.  They looked at the account I had in Malaysia, where I was working at the time.  There wasn't much in there, either, as I was sending it to my family every month.

I should have said Marriage Visa.40,000 baht income.

If you can afford the 800k in Thai bank or prove 65k monthly income I would go for the retirement extension.  Less required and easier to process by immigration office.

Either type of extension is good for one year so you go through the same process every year to obtain extension.

Just for you info they are not visa's.  The visa is "Non-Immigrant O Visa" and it would be for the purpose of retirement or you are married to a Thai.

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