Starting business in Poland

Hi everybody,
It would be very appreciated if you give me some information about starting a business in Warsaw.
Im a 33 year old married guy from Iran and I have a silver jewelry business here.
We're considering moving to another country and start the same business there.
I made the topic so I can have a general idea about the economic and cultural situation in Poland. Certainely I will go there and see the situation before I make any important decision but as I said Im really interested to know the ideas and suggestions of people who have lived there for some time.
Our product might be a little different from what most people have in mind of silver jewelries, that is they have different designs, they are gold plated and most of them have genuine stones. I will add some photos to this post just to have an idea about our products.

So here are my questions, if you can only answer some of them, that also would be a great help.
1. Do you think generally people are interested in such products or not? Hows the peoples income, do they have extra money to spend on unneccesary things?
2. Is it hard to find a place to rent which is suitable for this job and has similar jobs in neiborhood?
3. How much a 40sqm shop would approximately cost in those areas per month?
4. Is it hard to find reasonable accomodations?
5. Are other competitors nice to a foreigner starting the same business?
6. What areas, streets or shopping malls you recommend for this kind of job?
7. I just know English and a little Russian, can I communicate with people in English and if I have to hire a seller how much approximately would that cost?
8. Do you know any official agency or law firm that could proccess my company registeration and visa stuff? Please recommend
Thanks again … 00x900.jpg … 00x900.jpg … 00x900.jpg … 00x900.jpg … 00x900.jpg

Isnt there anyone to help me a little?


     As a non-business-person, I can make only general suggestions:

     (1) It seems that about 3- 5% of the Polish population, centred in Warsaw and a few other large cities, can readily afford "high end" luxury products. My impression is that another 50% will pay occasionally for reasonably priced jewellery.

     (2) You'll need to know some Polish, and to be working closely with people who know the language well.

     (3) Warsaw may be a promising market, but rents tend to be higher than in other large cities, and it is more expensive in other ways.

     (4) The "red tape" that a potential business person faces is probably not worse (despite what you read/hear) than in many other European countries. Poles complain about bureaucracy in their country, but in my experience people in various offices can be very pleasant and helpful, even if the rules that they enforce are not.

Hi and thanks for your answer. I got a reply finally and I could understand Im visible.
These products dont count as luxury. They are not too expensive, for example a ring would cost about 30$ or a small set would cost about 80$. The prices are the same as other silver accessories. But  my question is that do people generally spend money on mid-range jewelry? Do they culturally and traditionally interested in such things?
About the bureaucracy, I didnt exactly get what you meant. You meant that its just the same as other Europian countries and its hard? You meant which part? Company registeration and starting a business or doing business as buying, selling, importing and such stuff?
Thanks again
Im looking forward to hear more ideas

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Ok Dear kenjee :-) Done as you advised. Thanks and regards

Maybe find a company that could help you and advise how to run business in Poland. Just google about business consulting, there are plenty of them. I would recommend consulting they can explain you how taxes work here, how to develop business etc. but if you don't want to spend money on such services then check information how to do business in Poland it's really helpful especially if you don't know much about the country.

Hi, I am english and in the process of starting a Polish limited company to cover I T and business consultancy. The process is quite complex and slow. You will definitely need the help of an English speaking lawyer, lots of it. You need to have many things in place like residency, bank account, proof of healthcare cover, register the business and then register for vat. I am just going through this process myself. A lot has to be done in person at government offices  and can take hours. I do not want to put you off just must be prepared so you do not expect to trade quickly after arrival in Poland. The tax system and submissions are also strict so you must know the rules.
Good luck

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