New in da nang!

Hi everybody. 
Just  arriving in da nang I would like to meet people. Firstly to enjoy the town and your experience. Secondly to improve my english which is not so bad, but not the best! And finally,  I am also looking for a job, so thanks for your advises! 
Send me message, I will be happy to join you to take a glass or other activities!
See you!

for a drink Muriel...not take a glass...

Bonne chance !

Thanks! :-)

Hi Muriel,

I'm also new to DaNang and just getting settled here.  I've been searching for an apartment and meeting new people this week. I'm happy to exchange ideas or have a conversation.



I am new to Danang - have just started teaching here... I would love to meet new friends as don't know anyone!!

Please add me ***
Love to hear from you !!

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I with my wife came to Da Nang a week ago. We are looking for friends to spend time and discover the city together.

Hello !!!

Lovely to hear from you and your wife...

What are your plans in Danang?
Are you both working here?

Where are you staying?
I'm near the dragon bridge - living in one of the language centre's.

I used to live in Da Nang before. I live in KL, Malaysia now, but hope can join you guys when I come back.


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