Broadband Provider in Janabiyah area? Mobile 4G?

Hi all,

About to settle into our new place and was just wondering if anybody has any advice regarding which broadband provider to use? I'll be in the Janabiyah area so if anybody has any experience of the kind of service received in this locale, please share.

Also, has anybody tried mobile 4G home broadband with any success? I'll be looking at streaming some UK TV so need something fast, reliable with a high cap......



Have a word with Batelco to check whether fiber is available in your area, you can just chat with them and give them your address, if it is available its the best option or else you have to go with 4G based access, you just have to compare the prices/data cap of viva/zain/batelco to check which package suits you best.


I also live in Janabiya area, and as far as i know the whole area is covered with the fiber internet from Batelco, and they give you a decent amount of GB's too.

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